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20 ноября 2018, 05:15

Baby Mountain Lion Rescued From Home After Being Fed Bratwurst

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Colorado officials are warning the public to leave wildlife alone after they rescued a sick baby mountain lion from a home where it was fed bratwurst and kept indoors.

On Thursday, Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) posted a press statement about the recent incident and how it’s illegal for people to remove wildlife from their natural habitat.  Residents and tourists were cautioned to leave orphaned wild animals alone and call CPW to handle the situation.

“If you find wildlife you believe to be orphaned, leave the area immediately and call CPW. By leaving the area, mom will feel safe to come back and retrieve her young,” said Travis Sauder, CPW’s district wildlife manager, in the press statement. “Many animals intentionally leave their young behind when startled, relying on the built-in camouflage of the youngsters’ spotted fur to keep them safe.”

Photo Credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife

On Tuesday, Sauder retrieved the baby mountain lion from the Walsenburg, Colorado home and sent it to Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation, a Colorado-based nonprofit that helps wild animals recover from illnesses and injuries.

Even though the baby mountain lion was sick, it appeared to be in good health, according to Sauder. However, the situation could have had a much worse outcome. The baby mountain lion, which was estimated to be under six-months-old, might have died from eating the human food, because it was most likely only consuming milk and regurgitated solids from its mother.

Photo Credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife

According to CPW, the individuals who found the kitten posted pictures on social media on Nov. 12. They claimed that they discovered the kitten in a snowbank, allowed it to “thaw out” indoors, and then released it back to the wild. Sauder said the kitten did not need to “thaw out,” and that it was kept way too long for it to be returned to its original location.

“Wild animals do not need to ‘thaw out’ because they are equipped by nature to survive cold and snow. It had been almost 30 hours since it was picked up Monday and its mom would not be in the area any longer,” said Sauder. “This is why it’s vital to leave baby wildlife where you find them and call us immediately.”

The kitten, which is currently undergoing treatment at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation, will hopefully be released back to its natural habitat soon.

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